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The growing trend of men receiving alimony

Michigan residents may be interested in the way that spousal support and alimony can reflect changes in society as a whole. The payment of alimony by men to their ex-wives has been a feature of divorce settlements for many years, but things are now starting to change. A 2012 survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers found that 47 percent of those responding had noticed an increase in the number of women paying alimony too.

The numbers of men receiving support from their former wives is small but growing. Data from the 2010 Census shows that men made up only three percent of people receiving support from a former spouse, but these numbers are sure to rise as more women take on the role of the primary earner in the household. However, many family law attorneys say that persuading their male clients to pursue alimony can be a challenge.

Men often feel reluctant to ask their ex-wives for support because it goes against the traditional societal roles for men and women that they have grown up with. In other cases, men do pursue alimony but run into the same gender prejudices as they navigate their way through the legal system. The Supreme Court decided the matter in 1979 when they ruled in Orr vs. Orr that gender bias should play no part in alimony decisions, but many men still believe that this is not always followed.

Divorce can be a difficult and emotionally draining process, but the decisions made can have significant ramifications. A family law attorney may be able to advise clients about the evolving legal landscape and provide them with strategies that better serve their goals.

Source: Financial Advisor, "More Men Get Alimony From Their Ex-Wives", December 24, 2013

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The growing trend of men receiving alimony | Peter A D'Angelo, Attorney at Law, PLC