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Divorce may be less expensive than before ObamaCare

A divorce attorney knows that a couple may have financial or other reasons to defer a divorce filing. For example, the transition may be easier upon children if the timing is delayed for one or more years. Another reason might be if one spouse is concerned about health coverage after the divorce.

According to a recent article, however, the Affordable Care Act may have eased some of the health care concerns of divorcing couples. According to commentators, the new coverage options are both more numerous and, in some ways, easier for individuals with preexisting conditions to obtain. As a result, more couples may be pursuing divorce when a marriage has run its course. That easier access to health care coverage may also be impacting alimony or spousal support considerations.

Many readers might agree that money or financial concerns should not be the only thing holding a marriage together. Even if children are involved, the best interest of the child standard recognizes that single parents can provide a nurturing environment. In fact, couples who are acrimonious and staying together only for monetary reasons might not be providing the best environment for raising their children.

Yet navigating the new insurance laws, or estimating coverage while still married, can be confusing. For a family law attorney, however, such divorce planning may be part of their normal counseling. A lawyer can help a couple weigh options, perhaps including financial estimates of the cost of a divorce and what each spouse’s financial profile might look like after the marital estate is divided. 

Source: Philly.com, “Insurance no longer may hinder divorce,” Robert Calandra, March 2, 2014

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Divorce may be less expensive than before ObamaCare | Peter A D'Angelo, Attorney at Law, PLC