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Where should you file for divorce? The answer depends

When it comes to divorce, the specifics of the process are not the same everywhere. Each states has slightly different laws and it is important for couples to understand that, depending on where they file for divorce, the process may be slightly different or result in different outcomes.

A recent Forbes article took a look at a handful of factors and ranked states according to how they compared when all factors were considered together. The specific areas that were compared were: filing fees; waiting periods; separation periods; residency lengths; and the minimum amount of time it takes to complete a divorce. Fortunately, Michigan didn’t make it to the top seven worst states. The closest nearby state to do so was Nebraska. 

Comparing the above-listed factors is only one way of determining the best and worst places to file for divorce. Another way to do it is to look at the substantive laws that will be applied in the case. One easy example of this is the difference in the way states divorce marital property. Another example would be the way different states handle prenuptial agreements.

Naturally, couples who have the option of filing for divorce in more than one state will want to know how the state of filling could impact the outcome in their case. In some cases, the impact may be minimal, but in other cases it could be significant. It really depends on the circumstances of the case. Those who have the option of filing for divorce in more than one state should work with an experienced attorney to determine what would be the most beneficial course of action in their case.

Source: Forbes, “The 7 Worst States To Get Divorced,” Bruce Provda, September 12, 2014. 

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