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Protecting inheritance from division in divorce, P.2

In our previous post, we spoke a bit on the topic of how to protect inherited property from being divided in divorce. In addition to suggesting saving documentation, using separate accounts, and putting the property in a trust, we also mentioned using a prenuptial agreement to protect inherited property. Here we wanted to offer a few comments about this option.

Protecting inheritance from division in divorce

In our last post, we began speaking about property division in divorce, specifically when separate property may be subject to division in divorce. Here we want to focus the discussion on property obtained by inheritance and how to protect this property from division in divorce.

Separate property may be subject to division in Michigan divorce

Keeping separate property protected from division is an important thing to consider in marriage preparation for couples who bring significant assets to the table. The reason for this is that, although Michigan law generally protects separate property from division in divorce, it can happen that a non-owner spouse is able to claim a portion of separate property for one reason or another.

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