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Why not just call them divorce agreements?

When many people hear the term prenuptial agreement, the tendency is to think of them as basically divorce agreements—especially agreements that deal with the issue of property division. While it is true that financial planning for the contingency of divorce is a major reason people enter into these agreements, this is not the only possible use for these documents.

Should a judge be able to force children to get along with a parent? P.2

In our last post, we began speaking about a contentious custody battle between a former Michigan couple in which the children were forced to participate in so-called “reunification therapy” with their father, who is seeking full legal custody. The case has generated a lot of attention because of the court’s insistence that the children work to repair their relationship with their father.

Should a judge be able to force children to get along with a parent? P.1

Divorce can result in all kinds of stress for couples and their children, as is well know. A lot of this stress comes simply from having to change living arrangements and having the ordinary schedule disrupted. A great deal of stress can also come from bitterness, fighting and gossiping, though.

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