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Work with experienced legal counsel in child custody disputes

Last time, we briefly spoke about the role of the friend of the court in child custody cases. As we noted, the friend of the court is responsible for conducting child custody investigations, so it is important for a parent to have a good working relationship with the friend of the court, but it is ultimately the judge who makes custody decisions.

Because judges make the decisions in child custody cases, it is important for parties to child custody cases to know how to appeal to the judge with respect to factors impacting custody and visitation decisions. As we’ve noted before, judges consider a wide variety of factors when determining what is in the best interests of a child, and presenting sufficient, accurate information regarding these factors is important. 

One of the tasks of legal counsel in advocating for a parent in a child custody proceeding is to ensure that recommendations made by the friend of the court, whatever they might be, are adequately addressed. This is, of course, particularly important in cases where the friend of the court makes a custody recommendation at odds with the interests of a parent.

In such cases, a skilled attorney can help present evidence that may not have been duly considered by the child custody evaluator, highlight imbalances or inequities in the evaluation process, and contextualize evidence that reflects unfavorably on a parent. Each case, of course, is different, and must be met with a strategy and that is unique and appropriate. The bottom line, though, is that working with an experienced legal advocate in child custody litigation can help ensure that a parent receives the representation they deserve in the courtroom. 

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