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Looking at the issue of parenting time, P.2

In our last post, we began looking at two of the most important issues couples typically have to deal with in divorce: money and children. When it comes to parenting time, we noted, every couple has different circumstances and different needs. While standard parenting time agreements are okay for most couples in most situations, it is important for couples to set up parenting time schedules in accordance with their unique circumstances.

In some cases, for instance, parents may not live in the same general area and may have to establish a long distance parenting time arrangement. Long distance is generally considered to be over 108 miles apart. In such situations, transportation arrangements have to be made and vacation time and school breaks would have to be addressed a bit differently. Supervised parenting time, if it is mandated, would have to be specially worked out as well. 

Some other circumstances that may be specifically addressed in parenting time agreements are: telephone, electronic mail and video contact; personal protection orders; incarceration or institutionalization of a parent; mental health issues; and adjustments to parenting time based on the age of the child(ren).

Another potentially important issue that can be addressed in parenting time agreements is resolution of disagreements regarding the interpretation of the agreement. In some cases, a couple may have established an arrangement they both agreed to, but it becomes unclear how the arrangement should play out in certain circumstances. Having a way to resolve disagreements short of heading back to court can be important. We’ll look at this issue, as well as the issue of enforcing parenting time agreements, in our next post.

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Looking at the issue of parenting time, P.2 | Peter A D'Angelo, Attorney at Law, PLC