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Looking at the issue of parenting time, P.3

In our previous post, we began looking at the topic of parenting time agreements. As we noted, each couple has unique circumstances and should tailor their parenting time agreement according to their specific needs. One important issue to look out for in parenting time agreements is resolving disputes.

Even when parties have established a relatively clear parenting time arrangement, parents can end up getting into disagreements about how parenting time agreements should be applied in certain circumstances. In cases where parents cannot resolve an issue, having a process to resolve disputes outside of court can be helpful. 

One possibility for couples who don’t want to get a court involved every time they have a parenting time disagreement is to agree to mediate such disputes outside court. Meditation is a way to get both parties actively involved in coming up with an acceptable resolution to disagreements. Effective mediation can help ensure that both parties are amenable to whatever resolution is reached and are prepared to abide by the agreement. That being said, not every couple will find mediation to be the best way to handle disagreements.

Under Michigan law, the friend of the court is required to provide qualified mediation services directly or by contact. By law only issues regarding custody and parenting time may be mediated, so couples may not use mediation as a platform to address other disputes.

Other types of alternative dispute resolution may also be available through the friend of the court. It is up to couples and their attorneys to determine what works best for them. 

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Looking at the issue of parenting time, P.3 | Peter A D'Angelo, Attorney at Law, PLC