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Study looks at role of work in divorce risk, suggests that traditional model still applies

There are a variety of reasons why married couples divorce, including anything from substance abuse and domestic violence to finding somebody else who has a better sense of humor. In some cases, of course, money also plays a role, but not as much as most people would think.

Michigan judge may face discipline for inappropriate behavior in child custody case

Last November, we wrote about a particularly contentious Michigan custody case in which a judge had ordered three children to participate in controversial reunification therapy to address parental alienation from their father. As part of that case, the judge had also ordered the children to submit to juvenile detention after they refused to attend parenting time with their estranged father.

Don’t let an app take the place of an experienced family law attorney

Divorce can be a difficult process, particularly if a couple has children or significant assets to fight over and no established agreement for how to divide those assets. As with many things in life, a little planning can go a long way toward making the divorce process easier to navigate. Early planning for divorce can help ensure that a party has a firm handle on the issues that will come up in the divorce and a plan for protecting and representing his or her rights and interests in court.

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