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Don’t let an app take the place of an experienced family law attorney

Divorce can be a difficult process, particularly if a couple has children or significant assets to fight over and no established agreement for how to divide those assets. As with many things in life, a little planning can go a long way toward making the divorce process easier to navigate. Early planning for divorce can help ensure that a party has a firm handle on the issues that will come up in the divorce and a plan for protecting and representing his or her rights and interests in court.

A recently developed app by the name of Amicable wants to help couples with early divorce planning. The app was developed in the United Kingdome, but its developers say it can be used anywhere in the world as a way to get an early start on divorce planning without the legal expenses. Fortunately, the developers of the app are not saying the app can replace legal representation. 

From the perspective of an experienced family law attorney, consumers should be cautious about products which claim to allow couples to cut out the attorney or to reduce to legal expenses. This advice may seem obvious coming from a family law attorney, but there is a risk in believing that you can handle important legal matters without professional help, or even that you can reduce your dependence on an attorney. The problem is that this sort of do-it-yourself thinking can lead consumers to believe that navigating the legal system is a simple matter and that attorneys make their living on the ignorance of ordinary people.

The reality is that divorce can be complicated and contentious, and having an experienced advocate at one’s side early on and throughout the process is critical to ensure one’s rights are zealously advocated. The bottom line? There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with a divorce planning app, but just make sure that you are also working with an experienced attorney to have your case evaluated, to engage in proper planning based on applicable law, and to build protect your parental and property rights in court. 

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Don’t let an app take the place of an experienced family law attorney | Peter A D'Angelo, Attorney at Law, PLC