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What types of adoption are available in Michigan? P.2

Last time, we began looking at the various types of adoption in Michigan and some of their characteristics. In addition to infant adoption, state and court ward adoption, relative and step-parent adoption, there is also the possibility of intercountry or interstate adoption and adult adoption. Each of these types of adoption involves unique requirements and considerations.

Regardless of the type of adoption involved, the legal process to be followed is generally the same. It begins with a petition with the court for adoption of a specific child, along with the filing of any necessary consent forms. After this, the court will order investigation to ensure the interests of the adoptee are protected. 

If the adoption is deemed to be in the best interests of the adoptee after the investigation is conducted, the court will issue an order terminating the rights of both parents and/or any other party who currently has custody of the adoptee, as well as make the adoptee a ward of the court, order placement in adoption and orders supervision or monitoring of the placement to the appropriate party.

The process of adoption doesn’t happen overnight. Often, it takes months to complete, if not longer. If all goes well, an order of adoption is typically entered six months or so after the placement is made if it is determined that the adoption is in the adoptee’s best interests. This completes the process of adoption.

In any adoption case, it is important for adoptive parents to work with an experienced attorney to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible and that any issues which arise are quickly addressed. An experienced attorney can also help address any other issues related to the adoption, such as estate planning documents and health care decision-making. 

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