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Divorce, parenting time, and “giving up” on the kids, P.2

Previously, we began considering the challenges parents can face in managing custody and parenting time after divorce, particularly when the couple has significant political, moral and religious differences relating to how the kids are raised. To be sure, the most substantial of these differences should be addressed in the couple’s custody plan so that couples are clear about their rights and duties with regard to custody and parenting time.

Divorce, parenting time, and “giving up” on the kids, P.1

One of the watchwords of the present moment is: division. There is, all our readers know, serious division right now in this country. This division is being played out not only on the political stage, but also in families. For some couples, political differences can be a serious barrier to remaining together, or even working together for the good of children after divorce.

4 things to do if your spouse starts talking divorce

Every couple fights and goes through some difficult times. Many times, it is possible to make up and move forward; other times, the future is very uncertain. If you are fighting with your spouse and he or she has started talking about divorce, you might very well be scared and upset, particularly if you are not interested in a divorce.

Timing of divorce filing can make a difference, P.2

In our last post, we began looking at some of the issues that could potentially lead to a change in the timing of a divorce filing. We’ve spoken not only about considerations regarding children, but also finances. Another consideration that can come into play is jurisdictional issues, or which state in which the divorce should be filed.

Timing of divorce filing can make a difference, P.1

In any profession, there are things you don’t learn until you get on the job. Once you’ve been practicing family law for a number of years, one of the patterns you start to see is that the number of divorce filings starts to increase and the number of people beginning to think seriously about divorce picks up. The number of divorce filings actually peaks in March.

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