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Divorce, parenting time, and “giving up” on the kids, P.1

One of the watchwords of the present moment is: division. There is, all our readers know, serious division right now in this country. This division is being played out not only on the political stage, but also in families. For some couples, political differences can be a serious barrier to remaining together, or even working together for the good of children after divorce.

This is especially the case when couples have fundamentally different ideas about how to raise boys and girls, the role of men and women in family and society, the moral rules and religious traditions that children should be brought up in, and similar matters. Such matters are all pertinent to the issue of custody, but also to parenting time. Effectively managing such disagreements and tensions is critical to ensuring children are minimally impacted by a divorce. 

Whether parents have joint custody of the children, or one parent has primary custody and the other has parenting time, couples who have political, moral and religious differences can run into difficulties that can be challenging to overcome.  These difficulties very often show up in conflicting thoughts and feelings in the minds and hearts of children. Such situations are unfortunate, especially for the children, but also for parents who are being distanced from their children because of the actions and words of the other parent. The temptation to “give up” on the kids can be great, but parents need to know they have options.

In our next post, we’ll look at some of these options and the importance of working with an experienced attorney to protect one’s parental rights. 

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Divorce, parenting time, and “giving up” on the kids, P.1 | Peter A D'Angelo, Attorney at Law, PLC