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Work with experienced attorney to seek modification of child support order, P.2

We previously looked at a couple different avenues for having child support orders modified in Michigan. Whichever avenue a parent pursues to have a child support order modified, working with an experienced legal advocate can ensure the strongest possible case is presented.

Modifications are not granted for just any reason. By statute, there must be a change in circumstances significant enough to justify changing a support order. Typically, the change of circumstance must make it so that it is no longer fair to require the parent to continue making payments. 

A number of circumstances can result in significant changes for a parent. These include:

  • Major illness involving significant medical expenses
  • Disability that prevents a parent from working at the same level of income or from working at all
  • Loss of employment and difficulty finding work at the same level of income
  • Major changes in responsibilities for other family members
  • Application for or receipt of public assistance, unemployment compensation or workers’ compensation
  • The existing order was based on incorrect facts
  • An employed parent newly has probable access to dependent health care coverage
  • The child’s financial needs have decreased

Any set of circumstances that result in significantly decreased income or increased expenses can potentially justify a child support order modification. Whatever the specific circumstances of the case, working with an experienced attorney helps ensure that a parent’s financial interests are protected and that a fair and sustainable support order is the result of modification efforts.  

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Work with experienced attorney to seek modification of child support order, P.2 | Peter A D'Angelo, Attorney at Law, PLC