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Why more millennials are getting prenups

When you hear the word “prenuptial agreement,” you might think of a contract intended for a Kardashian—someone with high income whose “I dos” aren’t really expected to last. But for the average Jane and Joe—the middle-income couple who has every intention of keeping their vows till death do them part—is a prenup really necessary?

Can a posnuptial agreement benefit my marriage?

You found your perfect match. From the moment the two of you met, everything fell into place. You shared the same hobbies, political views and religious beliefs. You got along well, and spending time together was natural. Pretty soon, you made the decision to get married.

What happens to child support when one parent moves away?

The requirement to pay child support follows a parent wherever they go. If one parent moves away—even to another state—Michigan and interstate laws demand that the parent continue to make the mandated payments. We’ve outlined below the regulations surrounding this process.

Exploring a legal separation

Legal separation is more than just a stepping stone to a divorce. Some couples might treat it as merely a part of the divorce process, but separation is an important legal process in itself. A legal separation is a court order that stipulates the rights and obligations of a couple that has decided to live separately. Spouses may choose to live apart from each other at any time during the marriage, but it is the formal declaration by the court that makes a separation legally official.

Cutting family ties while still a minor

There comes a time for many children when they think life would be better if they cut ties with their parents. This writer knows of one young boy who was so angry at his mom over something that he announced he'd run away. His mom, calling his bluff, said, "OK, I'll help you pack and make you a sandwich." The boy walked around the block before returning home.

Work with experienced attorney to seek modification of child support order, P.2

We previously looked at a couple different avenues for having child support orders modified in Michigan. Whichever avenue a parent pursues to have a child support order modified, working with an experienced legal advocate can ensure the strongest possible case is presented.

Work with experienced attorney to seek modification of child support order

Last time, we looked at how the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is currently working on several projects to determine how to increase the effectiveness of child support collections efforts. As we noted, child support delinquency is commonly assumed to be due to the fault of the parent obligated to pay support.

MDHHS research touches upon important issue in child support: ability to pay

Child support is an important resource for mothers with minor children who don’t have the financial benefit of marriage. One of the perpetual difficulties with child support, of course, is that payments are not always consistently made. Whenever child support is not being paid, of course, that is a concern for the state, which is charged with enforcing child support orders.

Options for Gaining Custody of Pets in Divorce Proceedings

Choosing who keeps a pet after a divorce has become a more common issue as pets become members of the family, rather than just additional beings that happen to be in the house. Sometimes the decision is clear because the pet was bought and cared for specifically by one spouse.

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